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Multiplication: Our Identity

The idea of multiplication has been around since the beginning. In Genesis we see the actual word being used to go and multiply, speaking in numbers. We also see the idea of multiplying spiritually all throughout the Bible.

When talking about multiplication at Restoration Church we hold the same principles. We believe the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should multiply, speaking of numbers. We also believe that we should multiply ourselves in discipleship and through discipling others.

We Believe the Influence of the Gospel Should Multiply

From the very beginning the idea of multiplying is evident. God tells the first families to go and multiply and gill the earth. God also promises Abraham that He will provide Abraham with more descendants than the stars in the heavens. God fulfilled that promise in a couple different ways: God gave Abraham the jewish linage, and those who are in faith (Romans 9). There always has been and always will be an urgent need to multiply in number. If the apostles can do what they did with much fewer numbers than what we have now, then surely we can expect God to do great things now if we are faithful. We live in a day and age where the Gospel can go further than the apostles could in their life. Restoration Church believes that the influence of the Gospel should multiply. Numbers are a natural fruit of that labor. The more in number the more the Gospel can spread.

We Believe We Should Multiply Ourselves

Most people will jump straight to the New Testament when talking about the multiplication of ones self through discipleship. At the very beginning we read several times where people, before the law came, were making sacrifices to God. The question is how would they have known what to do or what God expects of sacrifices without the help of former generations? Adam and Eve had to have passed on the idea of sacrifice and pleasing God to the next generation, and them to the next. Even after the exile when people are coming back, they knew what practices to reestablish. That could only have happened if they were taught the things of God. When the Holy Spirit came to the apostles the Gospel spread overwhelmingly. A contributing factor of this was the severe persecution happening. Once the Gospel came to a specific area the people would disciple as much as they could until they were literally driven away. It was this driving away of people that spread the Gospel as quickly as it did. These were not trained Biblical scholars and theologians that were starting new churches. It was faithful followers of Jesus who, despite what was happening around them, were faithful even to the end to complete the mission that God had for their lives.

To the Point

Multiplication is the identity of the Christian. To refuse this fact is to overlook the history of the Church. We believe, as Restoration Church, that we need to expand the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we need to disciple others. We need to teach, train, and be able to entrust the Gospel to the next generation to continue God’s work until He comes back. We need multiplication. We must multiply. Christianity survives on multiplication. What others see as splitting, we see as opportunities to advance the Gospel to people who otherwise might not have heard the message.

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