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Discipleship Pathway

At Restoration Church, we try to keep things simple but intentional. Our discipleship pathway (D.P.) simply follows our Strategy of LOVE. LIVE. LEAD. As disciples grow at Restoration Church, we desire for them to grow in their LOVE for God and people, LIVE on mission in their neighborhood and beyond, and LEAD people to Jesus. 

Our desire to see this happen is driven by our MISSION: seeing lives restored through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The primary tool for our D.P. is Restoration Institute (R.I), which includes Bible studies, workshops, forums, labs, and conferences. In connection with R.I., we organically disciple individuals in a 1 on 1 format. Each discipleship relationship is unique, but a simple guide following our STRATEGY can be found below. 


Week 1 – My Story 

Week 2 – Spiritual Health Assessment 

Week 3 – Love God/Love People 

Week 4 – Love God/Love People 

Week 5 – Love God/Love People 

Week 6 – Live on Mission  

Week 7 – Live on Mission 

Week 8 – Live on Mission 

Week 9 – Lead People to Jesus  

Week 10 – Lead People to Jesus  

Week 11 – Lead People to Jesus 

Week 12 – Next Steps 


Love and growth mark the Christian life. Engage in opportunities to LIVE, LOVE, and LEAD as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  

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