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Missionary Forum Recap

William Carey, before departing for India, said “I will go down, if you hold the ropes.” What Carey was communicating was the necessity of people going and staying when it comes to sharing the good news of Jesus all over the world.  Some are called to “go down,” meaning to go to other cultures and preach the good news of Jesus. Others are called to “hold the rope” which is a call to prayer and practical support. Both are necessary and both need to be rediscovered in the evangelical church. 

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands his disciples “go and make disciples of all nations…” Truly, we are all called to “GO” but not in the same way. When we talk about serving as missionaries, we’re talking about men and women who are crossing cultural lines with the purpose of taking the gospel to others.


Understand that you can cross cultural lines without leaving the United States, but I’m talking about leaving this country to go to other places for longer than two weeks. In our 2nd forum, we discussed the differences between evangelism and missions. We talked about the different opportunities and roadmaps available to us in missions. Hopefully, this helped you gain a greater understanding of the global mission, but I also pray that it stirred your heart to consider missions in a deeper way. 

Whether God is calling you to “GO” or “STAY”, we all have a role in SENDING! What will your role be? 


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