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Who are the Van Waardhuizens?

Missionary Spotlight: Who are the Van Waardhuizens?

Church planting is deep in the heart of Restoration Church. We were planted by First Family Church, and we desire to partner with church planters. Currently, we partner with two church planting families; the Gobels in Lebanon, Illinois, and the Van Waardhuizens in Denver, Colorado.

Michael & Ally Van Waardhuizen have three kids (Aksel, Flora, Frances). Aksel is currently in First grade at a local school just 3 blocks from the Van Waardhuizens home. Flora (preschool) and Frances are attending the same daycare/school with Flora preparing to go to kindergarten next fall at the same school as her brother.

Ally recently launched her own tattooing business. The launch has changed dynamics in the home with Michael no longer working at the local coffee shop but staying at home with the kids.

As a family, the Van Waardhuizen’s are reaching a specific neighborhood of Denver as they plant Capitol City Church. Restoration has had the opportunity to partner with the Van Waardhuizens since the beginning of their journey. Anna, the Troutlings, and I had the privilege of visiting Denver in August. While in the city, we got to hang out with the church during their Wednesday rhythm of fellowship. The Lord is building something truly beautiful, and I’m thankful that we get to be a small part of it.

As we continue to partner with this family, would you commit to praying for them? Michael recently shared some requests for us to take to God on their behalf. Here is what he shared:

  • We want to rent a space in collaboration with 2-4 other churches to host 24/7 prayer all year around. Right now, we are praying about a space downtown at Union Station. This would be pivotal and pricey. We want it, but we want God to provide for it.

  • We are building relationships with our neighborhood school. I am on the PTA and helping lead a bunch there. We have had a chance to bless them recently, but we are praying for more trust and open doors for relationships with the administration, faculty, students, and parents.

  • Pray for emotional health and family unity.

  • Pray for us to follow Jesus and from that plant a church.

Thank you for your faithful giving to the ministry of Restoration Church, which allows us to partner with other Kingdom work in other cities and nations!

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