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we value locality

Mega churches. Normative sized churches. Small churches. Neighborhood churches. City churches. Regional churches. In the church world, there are a lot of sizes and types of churches. The size or type of church should not be the primary focus; the focus should be the mission.

At Restoration Church, we believe that God has given us a very specific mission: be locally focused. Before you assume what we mean by that, let me share some things with you. We value LOCALITY. We do not think that we are the first church to think of that or focus on that. We just believe that God has specifically called us to that in this season.

Our value of LOCALITY leads us to be intentional about a few things. We are laser focused on Adel, which means that we partner in every way that we can with them. We want to be a church for our city. We are not trying to host events or reach people in other communities. We believe that God has uniquely gathered a group of people in Adel to reach this city in this season, and we want to focus on only that.

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