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Vision Frame: Mission

Vision Frame: Mission – Seeing lives restored through the gospel of Jesus Christ

I often ask the question, “what are you doing with your life?” It’s meant to be a reflective question that drives us to consider the answer to “what” we do. As part of the Vision Frame tool, the first piece of the frame that we’ll discuss is the MISSION. Mission answers the question “what”.

Remember, we are talking about the organization of Restoration Church, not individual calling or purpose. We don’t want to be caught in a perpetual cycle of just doing the next thing, but instead we desire to be intentional about one particular thing, the MISSION: Seeing lives restored through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Restoration Church’s mission comes from 1 Peter 2:5, a verse in which the people of God are referred to as “building materials”. We’re reminded of what the Lord is building; He is building His Church! He is restoring His original design. How does He do this? Through the good news (gospel) that Christ has paid for our sins with His life.

With a surface reading, one might view this statement as passive, but a deeper reading brings the realization that God is the only One who saves, yet He uses us to proclaim the message. So, what are we doing? We’re proclaiming the gospel which leads to “seeing lives restored…”

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