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Palm Sunday Traditions: Celebrating Jesus's triumphal entry

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter that we celebrate and remember Jesus entering Jerusalem and being greeted by the people who were waving palm branches. If you grew up in church, you may have a memory of how your family or church celebrated Palm Sunday each year. The memory that most sticks with me is from when I was 8 or 9 years old. I was given a palm branch as I entered church and then a live, real, ACTUAL DONKEY, walked down the aisle of our church. You can imagine the awe and surprise this had on me as a child, but I love the realness it brought to that Palm Sunday.

I've asked a few others in our Restoration family how they remember or celebrate Palm Sunday.

Elizabeth Clark: We enjoy making homemade palm branches and re-enacting the Bible Story.

Toni Fatka: I remember how special my mom made Palm Sunday growing up. Our church always handed out palms, like I’m sure many other churches do, and she would take them home, curl them up, and place them over the big clock on our dining room wall. The palms stayed there all year until the next Palm Sunday. It was a daily reminder of who and what we should be focused on. She always made it such a big deal and so special to replace them each year, too! As we approach Palm Sunday this year, I encourage you to find a special way to remember the day. This could look like making your own palm branches, reading the story from Scripture, or simply remembering the phrase the people chanted as Jesus rode into town on the donkey, "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"

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