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Kid-Friendly Ways to Impact Adel this Summer

Summertime offers the sweet freedom of time with less commitments and more sunlight. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about and participate in service projects that allow them to experience the joy of serving and giving of yourself.

At Restoration Church, we have a 20-year vision to impact 15 percent of Adel to lead more people to the truth of the gospel and ultimately salvation. Restoration Church’s prayer for you and your children this summer is that you would feel encouraged to impact the community through a service project that displays the kindness and selflessness of Jesus.

Here are some great project ideas to get you started!

  • Secret Water Balloon Fight Delivery Know of a family who could use a little summer fun? Make a Secret Water Balloon Fight Delivery box! Supplies: Water hose 100 Water Balloons Box Plastic Bag 20 Minutes to Fill Balloons Fill up the balloons and place them in the box. Decorate the box. Put on your disguise and head out on the mission of secretly delivering the box to the family!

  • Church Invite Bags Sometimes all it takes is a simple invitation. Decorate paper lunch bags and fill them with candy, stickers, and other dollar store trinkets. Print out information about Sunday service or an upcoming Restoration event to include as well. Head out into your neighborhood or another local area to hand them out.

  • Give a Helping Hand Many families face food insecurity, and Adel is fortunate to be served by the Good Samaritan Food Pantry. This summer, help distribute kid food packs to keep those hungry tummies full and bodies moving with energy. Volunteers are needed every Tuesday to distribute at the Adel Farmer’s Market. Adel Famers Market: 718 Green Street, Adel Tuesdays 4-7 p.m. June-August Adults, youth 16+, or kids accompanied by an adult are welcome. Learn more and sign up!

  • Chalk Your Walk On your walk to the park or daily stroll, grab some chalk and draw pictures, verses, and sayings such as “Jesus Loves You” on the sidewalk. These little bits of Bible truth and encouragement could be just what someone in the Adel community needs to hear.

  • Kid Comfort Bag Party There are times when children in our community experience extreme hardship. Whether it be being removed from a home, not having basic hygiene needs, or simply not having some of the clothing and supplies we often take for granted, one way we can love the children of Adel who have these experiences is through providing comfort bags to local law enforcement and schools. Unify your neighborhood while teaching children about empathy and generosity through a simple playdate! Make a list of children to invite and send instructions to bring 8-10 items that each child would like to include in a comfort bag for kids experiencing these serious situations. -Kleenex -Chapstick -Shampoo, soap, washcloth -Toothpaste, toothbrush -Snacks such as granola bars, cheese and crackers, fruit gummies -Notebooks and colored pencils -Juice boxes or pouch drinks -Small toys such as party favors or kids' meal prizes -T-shirts, underwear, socks -Combs, brushes, hair accessories Organize the items for the comfort bags and supply each child with a gallon freezer zip-top bag. Help each child place the items into the bags and deliver them to Restoration Church. Our Community Impact Coordinator will distribute to local law enforcement and schools.

We’d love to know what you are doing this summer to impact Adel! Share your stories and photos with our team at

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