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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to keep you informed about what is going on and what this looks like for us.

As of yesterday, April 2, Governor Reynolds has recommended that the restrictions about gatherings be extended through April 30. We want to abide by this restriction, so we will continue to:

  1. Gather online for Sunday morning worship

  2. Gather via Zoom for Missional Community Groups.

  3. Care for you

  • Our Elders & Deacons are seeking to intentionally check in with each of you every week.

  • If you, or someone you know, need anything PLEASE let us know.

We know that this is an unusual season, but we want to encourage you to keep your Sunday morning worship (10:30AM) and MCG time carved out During this time, we will communicate frequently through emails and social media. We strongly encourage you to PRAY for all the families effected by COVID-19. 

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