• Eric Trout

COVId-19 May Update

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to keep you informed about what is going on and what this looks like for us.

According to her announcement on April 27, Governor Reynolds has lifted the restrictions about religious gatherings beginning May 1. What does this mean for us?

While the restrictions on religious/spiritual gatherings has been lifted statewide, 22 counties, Dallas County included, are still on full restrictions. The gathering size restriction of 10 people is still in place as well.

With these things, we want to be wise about how we re-open. We also must keep in mind that we do not have our own facility. With this said, throughout the month of May, we will:

Gather online for Sunday morning worship

  • If you are comfortable, host some people in your home to worship with you.

Gather for Missional Community Groups.

  • If you can stay under the recommended gathering size, meet as an MCG.

  • You could also meet in multiple homes to keep your numbers down.

  • Zoom will still be available for those who are not comfortable gathering yet.

Care for you

  • We will continue to check in with you weekly

We know that this is an unusual season, but we want to encourage you to keep your Sunday morning worship (10:30AM) and MCG time carved out During this time, we will communicate frequently through emails and social media. We strongly encourage you to PRAY for all the families effected by COVID-19. 

Important links:

Sunday Morning Worship

Restoration Church Facebook

Restoration Church Website

In Christ,

Elder Team

(Will, Michael, Sean, Eric)

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