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Annie Armstrong: Continuing the Mission

Every year, Restoration Church participates in the “Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO).” It’s a beautiful way for our church to join thousands of other congregations in support of missionaries who are taking the gospel to all parts of North America.  I hope that through this article we all can understand the importance of Annie Armstrong, the significance of the offering named after her, and the reasons behind why we give.  

Who was Annie Armstrong? Annie was born in Baltimore, Maryland at a time when there was little opportunity for women. Yet, her devotion to Christ led her to a life of service and leadership. She organized women to pray, to give, and to meet the needs around them. She challenged pastors and churches to action and rallied vital support for missionaries. She started a mission for Baltimore’s poor and addicted. She was the first executive of the WMU (Woman’s Missionary Union). She initiated fund-raising efforts to build churches in Cuba. She gained support for the first black female missionaries. She secured funds to relieve Lottie Moon who served in China for 11 years without a break. She advocated for Native Americans and impoverished mountain people. Ultimately, Annie was recognized as a national Southern Baptist trailblazer for her visionary leadership that still inspires millions today. You can find all of this and more at her website 

What is the offering? Annie Armstrong was relentless in raising support for missionaries. The offering that bears her name continues her mission to raise awareness and support for missionaries around the globe. When we give to the AAEO, the money raised goes directly to missionaries in North America. The North American Mission Board (NAMB) uses these funds to send thousands of missionaries to cities in every part of North America. 100% of all money raised goes directly to the mission board. For a time, Restoration Church was one of the thousands of churches supported by AAEO.  

Why give? We give to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We give so we can support other churches. We give because others gave to us. And we give because we know we are not alone in God’s mission. It is true that we can do a lot more together than we can do on our own.  

As always, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Let us, as Restoration Church, give generously, and watch what God does through joyful giving and willing hearts.  

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