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A weird thank you

I have to say a quick thank you to someone. 

Dear Anonymous,

I want to thank you. I know it is a little weird. First of all, I don't know exactly who you are. You are either one of the 20,000 messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention or one of the thousands of local people in Nashville that I was around. Second, I am thanking you for spreading COVID-19 to me. You might think I’m being sarcastic, but I assure you this is 100% real. Thank you so much!

First, I want to thank you because God used COVID-19 to expose some hidden sin in my life. While it was not fun at the moment, it was freeing to let go of the pride and bitterness that had plagued my life up until that point. It had consumed me until I could not hold it in any longer. So, thank you for the freedom that I feel now that I am not fixated on the bitterness that so easily crept in my life. 

Second, I want to thank you because COVID-19 forced me to slow down and think. Now anxiety accompanied that slow down, but even that was a benefit for me. I was able to see clearly that I needed help. Because of my anxiety, I sought the help of a counselor who gave me tools and strategies to become mentally healthy. I needed a counselor and I needed rest. Thank you for gifting that to me. 

Once again, I know this is weird and sounds a lot like sarcasm, but I assure you it is not. Thank you for getting me closer to God. Apparently, I could/would not listen to God without having a huge moment like this in my life. While I am still not where I want to be with my anxiety levels, I know that I am constantly getting closer because of you. So of course it's a little odd, funny, and awkward to write this letter but I am willing to embrace the awkward. So with that, thank you for all that I listed and even more. And my God bless you like He did me. 

Thank you,

Michael Chadwick

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